Renzo Gracie VS. Bujutsu, Mexico City

I’ve visited a couple of local gym’s, took their free clases and its down to the final two, Gracie vs. Bujutsu, the top 2 best in town, Batman vs. Superman!! how will you know which are the best schools? just ask the fighters and pay them a visit!!


Several rolling partners from my gym directed me to Bujutsu, also my sensei mentioned they  where a great academy, so I knew I had to pay  them a Visit. It’s located around 30 minutes away from my apartment; A hidden gem on a second floor of a tall building, I was very surprised on the well organized use of space, how clean the mats are and how nice the people are. IMAG0280

As I arrived there was someone to buzz me in to the building and show me around, they gave me all the information I needed about prices, schedules and gave me a little tour of the facilities; They mentioned that I could stay for a free class and I was casually packing my Gi that day! (Ok, I was planing on staying for a class either way so I came prepared).
They have divided their areas according to their needs, they have their Muay thai/ kickboxing area, their jujitsu/judo area, mma area with half a cage for fighters to get a more realistic training, etc. I was overly impressed by how clean their mats are, I’ve been around several gyms and you see a lot of things, LOL. Since they are on a second floor and there’s not a lot of natural ventilation they have an air IMAG0282purifying system that’s hospital grade! So it always smells clean and sterilizes the air and solids as well.

I stayed for the 4 o’clock class and it was a small group of people, they mentioned that the later hours of the afternoon are little more packed, but to me It was perfect, the class was given by a brown belt, it was great, we did a lot of warm up stretching before and after the class was over, that for me was perfect because I’m still recovering from my lower back injury, I was happy to know that it helped me get trough the class without any pain and even roll all my rounds without any issues.

We did several knee on belly transitions and the instructor was very patient, really took the time to see if we where doing it right which made the training very personalized, which is always great. They also gave us a minute in between techniques to drink water or check your phone, very chill.

Renzo Gracie.IMAG0290

I decided to go to one of their morning clases, since I’m not working yet I need a reason to get out of bed before noon now and then, so obviously I was late to class, LOL. To my surprise I was the only one there, don’t get me wrong, it was great because it was like a personalized class. I visited the academy before to get the general info, prices, schedules the works; But this time around I was taking a free class.

The trainer was great, he really went out of his way to pay attention on my technique and how I was developing myself in the exercises,  we did several warm up exercises and drills, It was no Gi day and even tough I hate carrying around my Gi and not using it, it was very fun, I actually need to work my no Gi game a little more.

IMAG0289For the warm up some light stretching, running around the mat, berimbolo rolls against the wall, shrimping, those strange lizard push-ups that Mc greggor does, and a million exercises I didn’t know existed but are awesome for your game; For the technique we work a couple of norte-sur drills and chockes, then we rolled for two rounds or so.

the place is bigger than it seems, its sort of under ground and its one big mat that works around a couple of structures; Apparently there’s also more people in the late afternoon rather than the morning shifts and they have several open mat sessions during the week so people from other Gracie’s come over to roll.

Both Gym’s are fully equip with seperate dressing rooms and hot showers (they had me at hot showers, LOL). Renzo Gracie is actually a little closer to where I live, but it is a little more expensive than Bujutsu. Which for me at the moment may be a big reason to choose Bujutsu, since I’m not working right now.

Both of the areas where these gym’s are located are nice (Renzo’s is a little nicer though), and there close to the public transportation system, so its easy to get around. They are both great academies and if you are ever in the area I advice you to visit a couple of them first, take their free classes and wave your options, specially if it’s gonna be a permanent thing.

Now its choosing time!!!



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