MMA vs. Career day.

MMA vs. a career is something I’ve always have to dwell on since I started training, I’m not as good that I can dedicate my life to this (and I love the extra cash for the fancy equipment, I wont lie), but I always find myself looking for a job where I can work around my training.

I’m at the end of my twenties so there’s a lot of people telling me to give training up, slap on some heels and join the corporate world; And others that just advice to do what makes you happy, I think life is too short to not do what you like, and I like to train hard and blog about it!


So for me going in to class this morning and realizing that I was the youngest there was awesome! my rolling partners where two women in their mid 30’s, kid’s and all, doing BJJ and Muay Thai until they had to go pick up their kids at school. That’s the life!!!

I wont lie there’s been a lot of times when I’ve taught about quitting,  but herIMG_20160402_121404e I am and I know I wont be quitting any time soon because this has become part of who I am, that part you most like about yourself. Your twenties will be funnest and hardest part so far FYI; But what is a job or a career if you aren’t doing what you love in life! Some day instead of me visiting all of the gym’s some one will be visiting mine. that is my dream, again I may not be the best but I’ll have the best by my side.

You don’t have to choose either, today one of my rolling partners told me something very true, shes a doctor, with kids, a home to run and still she said, this is what I like to do and I decided to do what makes me happy, so I see less patients, slow things down and work around my training. I love that I meet great empowering women in this sport, that motivate you to perusing your dreams.

If we can do it, you can do it as well!!! join us!!!



2 thoughts on “MMA vs. Career day.”

  1. Love it…!!! Doing what you love is the best ❤ Hugs from SD… Thinking of those days where we used to dream of the life we wanted to have; I am not sure if this is what we pictured, but is definetively beautiful…!!

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