Same Same but different.

There’s a Thai saying that goes “Same same, but different”. I remember it  now and then in different situations in life and training, same same girl issues, different gym’s.

There’s a lot of things that are hard for women that live in a men’s world, and even though  at Bujutsu we girls represent a third of the fighter population, it doesn’t mean we don’t go trough the same struggles. I’ve been around the game for almost 3 years now (wow… just realized its been a while) and during my training’s I’ve gone trough a lot, mentally and emotionally; Now that I’m currently still unemployed in my new city (sigh…) besides finally learning how to cook, I’ve basically been training full time. I’m really happy at Bujutsu, the people are warm, nice and welcoming, its the gym with the largest population of women I’ve ever trained in, they are super nice and close.



Most of these girls are new to the sport so its nice to see them go trough stuff and be able to give them some advice or just be friends; But let me give you girls some advice as well, as some of my older readers may know I’ve been around a couple of gyms, not always been welcomed fairly nicely; but what I can tell is that most gyms have these patterns you probably need to look out for as a girl.

  1. There’s good guys and not so good guys. We all know the good guys, they’re the ones that help you with your technique (regardless if you have a boy friend or not), give you advice and don’t squish you like a bug when you roll with them. The not so good guys are those who are the “macho” type and wont roll with you because your a girl, those who will squish you like a bug and rip your arm out in the first round for them not to lose to a girl, the one who forget your a girl and instead of knee-belly they knee-boob you.
  2. Once you spend a lot of time with the boys you become one of them. You know you’re a girl, you do your hair in nice braids for training try to do your nails so your feet look nice barefoot while training, but over time guys get pretty comfortable around girls and they forget you are one, so they will be in boxers around the gym and prank each other around by pulling their pants down (which I’ve seen happen 5 times now in 3 different gym’s and counting, LOL). But god forbid we change in some of the common areas, WHY? why is it OK for us to see you in your stinky post training boxers and sport bras are off limits? I mean I know I’m no Miesha Tate but come on, I see girls on instagram training in a sport bra, why cant I?IMAG0426
  3. Girls hating girls. Bujutsu is the second of all the gym’s I’ve trained in that women welcomed me with open arms and I’ve been around several gyms, remember girls “a gym is only as good as how they treat their white belts”, its a thing! We are in this together, only together we can make a change, if a new girl walks into your gym you al ready have 1 thing in common, help each other!
  4. Higiene. Your in for some fun girls you’ll see it all, dirty nails, stinky Gi’s, fighters who are clearly hurt but continue to train with massive amounts of ointment that make them slippery to roll with (sigh…),  etc, Oh! and every gym has this guy which his sweat is overpowering to the human nose (there must be something in his diet causing that), you’ll see.
  5. You will have your own internal struggles. Jujitsu is big on emotions, some days you will feel you’re doing great, others you will feel like everyone is ahead of you and leaving you behind, you will tap and be tapped; Its ant internal growing struggle in a good way, but you do need to be patient and really love what you do to not be overwhelmed. Some people even experience burnout at some point of their training, but it doesn’t take them more than a month or two to realize that they love what they do and come back to it, its all part of growing up in the sport.

I hope this helps you guys and don’t forget we are together in this, so write us if you have any comments, questions or suggestions, we are an open book for your inquiries.

Roll on!!



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