Family matters

FB_IMG_1462137346362I’ve had a lot on my mind lately, I finally went back to work, I’m ordering my goals again and thinking about how to get everything done, I have a lot of projects in hand and I really need to manage my time better, but over everything I want to compete in June for the nationals here in Mexico city.

I’ve been very happy here in my new home town, most of it I believe is because of my new home gym; I do get home sick now and then and miss my old training buddies, but Bujutsu has been so good to me, they received me with open arms, I’ve made great friends, they even offered to help me get a job.

They do this thing that after the class some trainers say a couple of words to the group, this past Sunday (yeah Sunday, they literally train every day) they talked about how Bujutsu has gotten bigger than they taught it would be and not about a number of students, yeah there’s a lot of us, and its awesome that there’s people from all over, there’s this new girl from Brazil, a couple a weeks a go a French guy and from all over Mexico as well.


But they where talking about how the school became a community, welcoming all that new people with open arms, helping each other out with settling in, finding a job or an apartment, making friends, not every gym is that welcoming and I’ve been around, that’s why I was looking for a gym even before I was looking for a job. These people become your family, your close friends and by far Bujutsu has been one of the best gyms I’ve trained in, high level training and tight family values.

Its been a month now and I couldn’t be happier, they do a lot of no Gi training as well and its been improving my game a lot, not only because the usual techniques are a little different than Entram (which is why its also always good to visit other gyms) but because I’ve had to work hard for this new technique, new drills, new exercises, different climates and altitude conditions. Still I’m powering trough and keeping a close eye on my diet, I arrived at Mexico city at 63 kilos, today I’m at 57 kilos and counting (and loving it).

I still need to push harder, not tap as fast, train harder, train more to get in better shape for nationals, I only have one month on me and these girls are fierce!!! they are tough cookies I must admit, so I’m pushing hard to be at their level. The other day one of the coaches was telling us to remember why we train; Because its fun, as self defense, because its challenging, but mostly…

… Its because Jujitsu is who we are.


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