The mind game behind MMA

Fridays are getting pretty exiting at Bujutsu since (man candy)  Black belt  Bruno Antonietta  AKA “El Oso” is giving a free competition class. I’ve decided I’ll be going to nationals this June so my weight is on point but I am lacking a lot of speed, agility and cardio. I’ve been feeling pretty slow in my rolling like I’m missing aggressiveness or explosiveness. I want it, but its the how much do you want it game.

One of the most important things that  Bruno is teaching us is how to control the mind game, I was mind blown when he said, If you think that you are made out of crystal you will be made out of crystal and you will break and you will always be injured. you need to think above it, truly believe that you are invincible and you will be.


We tape our fingers, slip on our knee supports,  put in our mouth  guards and go rolling. Things will be sore, muscles will hurt, something will always hurt that’s one of the most popular questions ever in jiujitsu history; But you power trough it, of course you need to  know your body well enough to know when to keep going and when your shoulder pops and you need to stop.

90% of the times you are able to keep going, that is why it’s important to control your mind, It’s sort of a full package control body and mind for the sport, just like you take control over your diet and training’s its important to control your mind to push you forward, to not be afraid to take the leap, you’ve probably seen those purple belts in the mat that do those crazy circus jump guard passes or escapes, slowly but surely they lost that fear of breaking. It’s part of a jiujitsu life fase, advanced blue belts and purple belts (well most of them) are often in their late 20’s and 30’s, so they experiment, they are overly athletic, they jump, roll and do crazy stunts and innovate the game because you loose the fear, you trust your game and you keep working on it, you trust jiujitsu.

Yeah you can still get hurt, but most of the times the pain is only temporary, minor sprains, cramps, or so; we need to push  harder, do more drills,  play with our body effort boundaries. Because in order to achieve something amazing you must give life some amazing effort and its the same way with jiujitsu, you want to improve you need to push harder because this sport is 80% mental, a lot of effort and never giving up.

Once you gain control of your mind over the game, the game wont play you….IMAG0426 you will play the game.



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