Back to basics.

Competition training is simple and every coach at any level will tell you the same thing, in the tournament you will only be able to use 20 to 50% of your game; And its true for us white belts its more on the 20% side, LOL. I’m exited for nationals since I’ve had bad luck when it comes to tournaments, I’ve only competed  once before when I was an only 6 months baby white belt, now 3 years later the fear is gone and I’m determined to give it another try, nothing!! nor work schedule,  broke-ness  or bad luck will get in my way!!

And because of all the tournament fuss in the gym, there’s a lot of instructors giving several types of fancy or advanced clases to prepare us, to me the best class I’ve had lately and the one I know will help me was two Sunday’s ago with Bujutsu’s own purple belt Christian “del Mal” (which translates to Christian of evil!!); Yes he has some mean bad-ass technique but he’s actually a really nice guy.

Christian del mal himself


He’s bringing us back to the simple things in life… The sweeps, the guard passes, the take downs, etc. One of the things I really like about his clases and that I know many white belts appreciate is how he explains things, any instructor can tell you how to escape or just turn right to escape, but he explains the why of the movements, why you have to turn right to escape that move and the mechanics of the movement.

To me another great way to prepare is to just do drills, forget about the fancy advanced moves and focus on what you know, trying to add new moves to your repertoire just before  a tournament is a nono, believe me you won’t be able to use them during the tournament, stick to what you know and to those moves you feel that you mastered during your time training; Drill those armbars,  kimuras and such.


Another great pointer is to roll from a standing up position, we are so used to rolling from a sitting position and tournament wise that isn’t very realistic. Ask your rolling partners to help you drill and roll from a standing position, its not always about getting ready for the tournament but helping others get ready as well, remember that gold medals area team effort.



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