Hey guys I know I’ve been out for a couple of weeks now and I apologize for that, life has been super busy Lately, but it’s not all bad news, I left my previous job to pursue my goal of teaching English so I can teach it abroad in the future and continue with my travels. The blog has been growing rapidly in social media which is something I’ve been only managing since a couple of months ago, uploading videos and photos, bujutsu has been super cooperative which I love the support and them!!!

I’ve been getting to know the city more trough the sport and I must say I love it, for the first time I attended a no gi Grappling tournament this past month as a spectator, to support my friends and take pictures for the social media side of the blog and I loved it! 
The girls are tough here in DF, I saw great matches and was super proud of my friends who entered and put up great fights, why I didn’t enter the competition you may ask? Well sadly I hurt my back again…

As some of you may remember I busted my back before coming to Mexico City, it was a long frustrating recovery that took like 4 months or so, medication, therapy, kt tape, among other things. Well long story short, I was wrestling with a guy and I was in his closed guard, with no intended technique he just squeezed tightly for me to tap, I tried getting out and I just didn’t manage to tap in time and it busted my back again.
 Getting hurt is part of the game, we can’t help it but it has been brutal, the first nights I couldn’t sleep well, I had to start taking anti-inflammatory medication again and wear the waist girdle. We all have good days and bad days I’ve always said that and if you train Bjj or mma as well you know it too. But few times I’ve been as frustrated as I was last sunday with my training; I was doing the technique and my back bothered me, I started to wrestle and it hurt horribly!! I shrimped and it hurt, I made a bridge and it hurt, I was literally afraid to hurt my self more!! I couldn’t wrestle more than two rounds and I felt weak and defeated. I literally went home and cried, I felt so frustrated I don’t wanna fall back on my training, now more than ever! I want to compete, and give it my all, I try to convince myself that the pain is in my mind only, but then you feel that it’s real and you can’t ignore it.

You feel the set back, the limitations, and that your improvements will set back a month or two and you loose it. It happens to the best of us.
Breaking down is not how we are remembered but how we get back up, that’s is something we often forget, and it’s fine to break down once in a while, it happens, as long as you get back up.

I know I’m not the best jujiteira out there, and it might take me years to be considered great, but one thing I always have in mind in my lowest training experiences is: 

I would do this even if I where to be a white belt for ever. I would still be here trying, because I never quit, and because I truly love what I do and what the sport represents in my life.

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