​Bujutsu rising to the top.

There’s several big gyms in Mexico famous for being home to international athlete’s, these gyms stand out for their dedication and  support to their athlete’s, but most importantly for being a community.
I’m proud to say that I’ve trained in two of the biggest gyms in the country, Entram house to ufc fighters and now Bujutsu, house to several international known level jujiteiros which are dominating the country. Becoming one of the biggest jujiteiro house’s I’m the country it has managed to in only 3 short years became a fear worthy opponent as a team. Recently winning silver as a team in nationals Bujutsu teaches it’s students more than just become winners.

Bujutsu México city

It has a filosophy that your team is your family and it goes beyond the mat, this reflects in big competitions as well where teachers will be kicked out of tournaments if necessary to have their students back.

They train hard but have even more fun, their training and tournament mentality is to just have fun, simple right? But not al academys grasp that concept, in an effort of winning most loose the main objective, which is just roll, be respectful and have fun; At Bujutsu there’s a fun relaxed energy when even in hard training times they find the way to leave the ego at the door and laugh.

Another of the best things about bujutsu in my opinion is the vast amount of higher rank belts they have, which pushes the smaller rank belts to keep up, making the new generations worthy opponents.

Black belt Dan Schon changing a students belt

With over 6 brown belts, 3 black belts and more than 13 purple belts Bujutsu sits on one of the top gyms with the most experienced jiu-jitsu competition fighters; usually gyms have one or two international recognized athlete’s, as oppose to gym’s like bujutsu that has several of them like Dan Schon, Bruno Antonietta, Luciano Abelucea, among others.
What does this mean for visiting or new fighters?

It ensures legit certified belt ranks, experienced competition fighters teaching the new generations and a sense of community that is taking over the nation.

So if you find yourself in Mexico City don’t hesitate and pay them a visit, you are guaranteed to have a great time.

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