Heel hooks

​DF is heelhook central, and this is the heelhook raging King. Why? Not only because he can literally find your heels from any imaginable position in the less possible time; But because on his last tournament, as soon as the fight began the crowd started yelling heelhooks! Heelhooks!! Heelhooks!!! And in seconds he had defeated his opponent with one.

That is the pressure of a team, of having your academy and friends back you up, he is good, yes, but that pressure messes with the opponents head as well.
I’ve never been big on heelhooks, I normally go for upper body submissions but that’s just my style, here in Mexico City no Gi is big and lower body submissions are in!!! So it’s one of the many things I have improved while training in bujutsu, but don’t be fooled now and then I still get frustrated when we do such a long sequence to finish the technique in an armbar submission… 

But when you train with a big crowd of advanced belts there are good and bad things to it. Bad? Well, that I often find my self confused in the middle of a sequence. Good? Training with the best, the new techniques, the great advice and how they push you to improve.

I’m barely starting to Roll again since my back injury it’s been a frustrating process, but I’m getting there, and yesterday I rolled for two rounds with Mr. Heelhook, yes he heelhooked me a million times, but I was close to submitting him twice. (He is a brown belt by the way) so I’ll call close to winning the round a victory, lol. 

But How do you get to be a heelhook master?
Like any Good crazy obsession it begins with a loosing streak, one day he lost to an opponent several times by heelhooks, and like most at the begging he didn’t really understand what was going on, most wrestlers are used to going for the arms and chokes at the beginning, lower body submissions were underrated.

So his obsession began, something so simple, so elegant had to be perfected to be a part in his game. 

So what is a jujiteiro to do? Watch YouTube videos and try it on your partners ofcouse, lol.
The fist drill they tried doing was horrible, so he says, but like any other technique, once you stick to it and drill, it will happen, and it did, once they started drilling what they saw in the videos, they understood the positions; and then he was able to combine them with his usual game.

At the time heelhooks weren’t that popular at bujutsu so it was a great way to change the game. As you advance in belts and technique you explore your game and discover what comes easier in a match. 

He, as a Brown belt now, thinks that heelhooks are underrated, underestimated but very effective! And that everyone should start working them before their blue belt.

I completely agree since blue is when you discover more of your floor game and unlike white (that is when you learn the basics,  guard pass, chokes, sweeps and most upper body submissions), you get to experiment more with your game as a blue belt and start to truly discover what works best for you. 

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