How to choose a good drilling buddy.

We normally have that one buddy we are exited to see once they touch the mat, the ones you joke around with and you feel like you’re best buds in the world (in the mat…), however this doesn’t mean that you might be the best drilling buddies.

We normally do our technique or drill with whoever we have around  or who we like the best, but when needed, it’s best to look out for signs to choose our drilling buddies better, let’s say your getting ready for an upcoming tournament, who would be your best drilling partner option?

1) The guy with flawless technique. There’s a reason why he has a great technique, every gym has that one guy that isn’t necessarily an advanced belt but has a flawless technique that is taking him places,  stick around those guys, drill with them and get as much advice possible, they will give you great tips on they have improved their technique and always keep in mind you want to be the best? you have to roll with the best.
2) Someone with great cardio. Ok so maybe they don’t have the best technique but they have great cardio, they’ll be able to keep up without any issues, you’ll be able to drill longer and they will keep up with your pace. This applies also when you have a fresher white belt at your disposal and you are an advanced belt, if you are a blue or purple in a sea of white belts pick one that just won’t give up and use their cardio to your benefit.

3) Someone your size. You need to focus on real situations, sometimes we are so used to rolling with other weights that we forget that for a tournament they will roughly be around our size, so take it like practice if you may and find someone your own size to drill with, this will allow you to practice real drills for real tournament situations. We girls go trough this a lot, since we are never that many, most of the times we find ourselves wrestling like a mouse against a bear with some guys; Attend open mat’s for practice in other academies, or drill with the smaller guys, this way you’ll be able to have a more realistic situation. 
4) An advanced belt. Drills with higher belts are always a good idea, they have more knowledge and can help you improve your technique a lot quicker, why? well they been around longer, haven’t they?! They will correct you if you are doing anything wrong, they can easily tell you how to do it right or better and believe me you will learn a lot.

5) Less talking more drilling. doing drills with your best bud is not always the best idea, specially when all you do is chat, sometimes you just have to get down to business, so, if you are in a hurry and want to get the most drills out of your time for that upcoming tournament maybe it’s not the best idea to drill with your friends, but with another partner.
Good luck Rolling guys.

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