First ever women’s open mat at Bujutsu

Sometimes we need a little help, that’s why we are surrounded by great partners at bujutsu, who are always thinking about what we could do to promote women’s bjj, even if they are not women themselves. 

Just a bunch of fun girl’s.

I don’t know how they do it,  but the guy’s came up with the idea of having an open mat, and it was a success a lot of people from other bujutsu’s attended and even tough I was late and was only able to roll a couple of rounds (because of work) it still was a great turnout and everybody enjoyed it. So their minds kept rolling and decided to make an open mat for girls.

Bujutsu central turned in to girl central for one day.

They organized it, invited girls from other academies and made it happen.
The turnout was better than we imagined, there was over 30 girls from different academies like bonebreakers, other bujutsu locations and union mat.

It was a great day to be a girl and roll, all the guys decided to give us our space and went to another open mat, so it was girl central. There was a great ambiance going on, you could feel the girls rolling with all their strength but still there was something so relaxing in the air, there wasn’t that tournament stress, everybody was relaxed and having fun.

I got to roll with a lot of girls from other academies, had fun and joke around with them. Sometimes in tournaments we don’t get to talk to the other girls, we’re nervous or thinking about our game, or we forget that we are there to have fun, sometimes we even end up making enemies rather than friends; So this was a great chance to make new friends, most likely the same ones you would meet at a tournament.

I think the guys were brilliant, we would have never made it possible without them.

Girls just having fun and doing what they love.

All academies should do this once in a while, it helps improve your rolling skills, wrestle with the same girls you’ll probably meet at the tournaments, really test your self and have a great time. 
Everyone enjoyed it, we laughed, made friends and had a great time.

It was definitely a Sunday to remember.

It wouldn’t be bujutsu without a little bullying.

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