NextGen Max Guard by SISU Review

Technology surprises me some times, how in such small details, these gadgets can enhance your performance as an athlete; And SISU mouth guards just blew my mind.

Once I received my package in the mail I was confused at first, how could a mouth guard be so thin?! They also come in a flat boomerang form,  I was used to wearing the traditional boil and mold mouth guards, and believe me it takes some getting used to, they’re bulky, you can’t  talk or be understood while wearing it, most athletes  use them because they have to, but some other jujiteiros don’t wear any at all while rolling (I Wouldn’t recommend it but…), regular boil and mold mouth guards are just uncomfortable in my opinion.

 So I analyzed the packaging for a while, “remoldable up to 20 times” thank God I thought!! To say that I’m  a little clumsy sometimes would be an understatement, I’ve ruined a couple of mouth guards, so the fact that it can be remolded so many times is a life saver, this also means that they are durable and if you’re bite changes you could simply remold it, to me this says a lot about value for your bucks, because you could use it for quite some time.


Getting Started.

I must admit, I thought it would be much more difficult to mold, but it wasn’t. Of course, I read the instructions like 3 times. I was a little nervous because the packaging said  to not let the soft material fold onto itself or else it would be difficult to remold, but I had it on my first try. I gathered all the materials made sure the water wasn’t boiling hot and put the mouth guard in, I actually had to do this step twice because  the first time around the water wasn’t hot enough. It took only a minute for it to soften up and then I placed it in my mouth and molded it, its easier than it looks.



Using it.

At the beginning it feels to light and easy to wear, almost unreal to think that it could provide all the protection it claims, especially in a close combat sport like jujitsu or MMA, so I knew I had to put it to the test.

I felt nervous at first since  I never roll without a mouth guard ( What? I have nice teeth, LOL ) and I was also a little worried about not getting the protection I needed although the packaging said high impact sports. This to me would be the only down side, that it does take a couple of days to trust it, because it works amazingly but, it feels to good to be true, but believe me its great!

I had to give it a try, so I packed my bag, went to the gym, put on my Gi and rolled hard!

It literally felt like not wearing a mouth guard at all, I could breath a lot better than with my regular mouth guard, it doesn’t feel bulky at all, I can actually talk while having it in my mouth! And I didn’t feel that loss in cardio I get when I change mouth guards.

I’ve only been using it for a couple of days and I love it, I totally recommend it and its worth the price, retail value is for $34.99 us roughly around the same price as most mouth guards, maybe 5 bucks more or so but it is worth it, the comfort and protection is better than the regular mouth guards and it comes with a warranty that needs to be registered on the website, something that not all mouth guards provide.

Now the only thing left to do is get more colors to match all my Gi’s.


1 thought on “NextGen Max Guard by SISU Review”

  1. Love the review! We also reviewed the latest SISU guards on our review website, and have to agree, they’re leagues better than a typical boil-and-bite.

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