1st. Chowie Inviteishonal

Last Sunday, January 8, the first Chowie Inviteishonal was held at the Polideportivo of the ecological park in Puebla. An event made to remind the Mexican Jiujitsu athletes that we all compete under the same flag.

Over the years, the tournaments and competitions have formed conflicts between the  Mexican academies, which has been transmitted to the mat.

This event brought together over 177 practitioners and more than 200 people including families and spectators; World-class athletes gathered from all parts of the republic and from different academies such as Bujutsu, Gracie Barra, Renzo, Brasa, Zapata Team, Alliance, Promahos, Entram, among others. Only for the love of sport, to roll and to spend a good time together. Which was transmitted through social media bye myself and several other spectators.



The event began as an open invitation to all academies to go roll in Puebla (open mat), which began to grow after knowing which athletes would go to fight, since among them were not only advanced belts, but of World class competitors which made the event continue to grow and the organizers Chou Chi Hsiang (better known as Leslie Chow), Christian Diaz (known as Christian del mal), Fausto Terán, José Roura, Victor Zarate and Manuel Bully had the need To look for a bigger place to gather so many athletes.

With the mentality of making this event something totally different and falling into the reality of the quality of the athletes that where going to the event, they quickly decided to make super fights, submission only.

They gathered athletes that many would like to see compete without the necessity of being the same belt, age or academy; They traveled to Puebla only to compete in the event without expecting anything in return. The multiple transmissions of the event through social media gave hundreds of viewers the opportunity to see the event live , surpassing also the amount of online viewers.



They also made 3-minute fight dynamics against advanced belts such as Alejandro Pierdant (super boy) purple belt, Luciano Abelucea (loki) and Itzel Bazua both Elite brown belts; White, blue and purple belts from other states had the opportunity to roll with them and try to submit them.

The event grew so much that it attracted the attention of big name sponsors such as Pasando Guardia, Bodega BJJ, 7 Lotos, BJJ War, Bandera negra, Belmont Group, Gorilla, Oso BJJ, KOI Originals, among others. All the athletes participating in the open mat received commemorative glasses and stickers, the winners of the super fights received gifts and at the end of the event a big raffle was held with the help of the sponsors in which spats, hats, shirts and equipment were given to the people.
It was surprising for the organizers of this event that not only did the athletes travel from different parts of the country and participated in the event, but they received so much support from sponsors to obtain a free event for the participants, without profit of the Academies, that only main idea was to celebrate the sport. Above all, congratulations, for reminding us of the union we should have in Mexican jujitsu.




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