Yair “El Pantera”An indomitable beast

Last Sunday, January 15, we witnessed in UFC fight night # 103 another spectacular fight by Yair “El pantera” Rodríguez. The young Mexican continues undefeated after his 5th UFC fight.

Since his debut in “the ultimate fighter” in Latin America, he has shown us an impressive performance and above all that his fights will never be classified as something common or a boring fight, since with flying kicks and knockouts, we will always have stellar fights.


This time he faced BJ Penn a veteran of the UFC. It’s  Impressive to see how in the course of a months or so “El Pantera” has grown and is now part of the main events and fighting athletes who have spent a lifetime in the sport. Not only did it bring a first-class show, but it made us see all the athletic ability that the new generations of young and Mexican athletes can offer; Which are certainly putting us on the map of mixed martial arts worldwide.

BJ Penn, after suffering a brutal beating that in my opinion should have been stopped a little earlier than it did, needs to reconsider his retirement, at least that’s what his expression showed. When the fight was stopped, BJ Penn looked tired, shattered and no longer as a veteran with years of experience in the octagon, but as an athlete whose best years were already behind him. But what remains for the older generations of mature athletes? Since in a world of new generations with talent and abilities like those of “El Pantera”, the octagon becomes seriously dangerous for them.




Before we did not consider the age or aggressiveness of an MMA athlete, but his years of experience and advanced levels in jiujitsu, kung fu, wrestling, karate and other martial arts; Which BJ Penn let out by the window when “El Pantera” entered the octagon. Not only were we impressed to see how he destroyed (without a drop of sweat) a veteran with years of experience in the octagon, but also left us wishing to see him coming in a well deserved championship fight.


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