Shevchenko defeats Peña with an arm bar

Last Saturday we witnessed a spectacular fight between Shevchenko and Peña. But waiting for two strikers to get knocked out we received an incredible surprise: Shevchenko submits Peña with a beautiful arm bar transition from the guard.



This demonstrates the quality of athlete in which Shevchenko has become, you know what they say, “you have to fight the best, to become the best”.

Although her striking was strong already and was known for it, the evolution of a fighter says a lot of her level as an athlete; And its in a way related on what we been seeing with Rousey, don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of hers, but just like BJ Penn, you need to evolve as an athlete. We are seeing younger, faster and very skilled fighters, so you need to constantly step it up. She surprised the world with that armbar and not only she demonstrated that she is ready for a title fight, she surely showed Julianna who’s the boss.

Now we expect an incredible title fight against Amanda Nunes.



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