Mexican Jujiteiros on the road to Abu Dhabi.

This Saturday, February 4 will be held in Mexico City's Plan Sexenal,

Mexicans across the republic will face off for an all-paid trip to 
the Jiujitsu World Championship in Abu Dhabi.

485606271The event is divided by regions, 
European, Brazilian, North America, 
Central and South America, etc. 
The academies subscribe, the athletes 
to compete are registered and travel 
to the competition of the region that 
corresponds to their location, where
they divide by absolute; In the men's 
division there are two wight classes, 
over and under of 77 kilos, in the 
women's division: there is only then
less than 90 kilos.These weight categories will be divided by tape, from white
to black belts.

But, what is the motivation of these athletes? Let's talk about the prizes, 
the first three places receive support in different ways to go compete in 
the World Cup in Abu Dhabi. The first place all paid, the second place only
the inscription to the tournament and the plane, the third place only the cost
of the tournament.
Hundreds of athletes will compete this Saturday in Mexico City for one of eight
trips and the opportunity to be a world champion. But who should be track? 
Competitors of international level not only of the city of Mexico, but from 
Tijuana, Cancun, Sonora, etc.

Among the locals to follow are Mario Navarrete, a national blue belt champion 
of Bujutsu who is in an impressive moment. Among others we have Eduardo Nava, 
José Roura, Irvin and Bryan Peynado and Héctor Valdés.

From the Jujiteiros out side of Mexico City we have Demian Balderrama who 
despite his young age has demonstrated an exceptional ability for the sport, 
and Martin Gonzales who despite having jiujitsu in the family, he is being 
noticed as champion by his own merits. Both representing Tijuana in the blue 
belt division.

There's No doubt we will have great athletes and amazing fights with world-class 
athletes. Stay tuned for our news and event review.

Here they have their social networks to follow them during the event.




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