Mexico National Pro.

Last Saturday we found ourselves supporting several athletes in the Mexico National Pro, which brought together more than 140 athletes from North America, Mexico and Central America.


We can proudly say that out of the 8 trips given to Abu Dhabi, 3 of them were obtained by Mexicans.


Martin González (Entram-Atos)

The blue belts from Tijuana Martin and Demian Balderrama dominated the category until they faced each other and with a friendly hug Martin goes to Abu Dhabi.

Héctor Baldes (Bujutsu Chihuahua)

Bujutsu was the team with the highest number of athletes to take medals home that day, so it wasn’t surprising that one of his own took a trip.


Alexis Alduncin (Renzo Gracie Mexico)

The young Renzo Gracie was the champion of the absolute taking the trip in his category.


The performance of these great athletes shows us the growth of Mexican Jiujitsu worldwide, a couple of years ago the number of Mexican participants was not so great, little by little the sport has grown in Mexico to even host the trials this year; We will certainly follow them step by step in their preparation for the tournament in Abu Dhabi.

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