The Chowie Inviteishonal returns .

The second edition of the Chowie Inviteishonal returns in May 27th, the largest open mat so far, this time in Mexico City; The event that gathered more than 280 Jiujitsu practitioners last January in the city of Puebla for a single cause, enjoying the sport without any profit, hopes this time to gather at least 500 people.

By reaching these numbers, the participants would gather more athletes than any other national tournament in Mexico and in the history of this martial art .

Without doubt, no other event has managed to gather so many athletes and world-class competitors for a cause so simple like enjoying, rolling and having fun. This time the organizers have planned it on a larger scale, hosting world-class sponsors who have decided to support athletes by admiring their cause.

Soon we will publish the who will compete in the super-fights, dynamics and maybe there will be  special guests.
All practitioners are welcome, all academies are welcome and all sponsors are invited to support; If you wish to be part of the event you can contact them through Facebook with Leslie Chow and Christian del mal.


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