2nd Women’s Open Mat in Mexico City.

On Sunday, March 19th, Mexico City’s second Open Mat was held at Promahos academy, home of the Mexican brown belt Itzel Bazua, one of the pioneers of women’s Mexican jiujitsu. This event was organized by her, Nancy Angiano blue belt of  Bujutsu’s main academy and myself.

We organized the event with the simple objective of bringing together the girls who like this sport and spend a fun morning rolling. There is so much to learn from the advanced jujiteiras, who have opened the way for those who today enjoy competing in the mat’s.


Martial arts are still considered an activity that are mostly practiced by men, however, girls are a growing community in Brazilian Jiujitsu, we are increasingly demanding more space and recognition, and so we organize events like this; To support us and grow together.femenil-de-la-Ciudad-de-México-Revista-Feel-3-300x169

It is expected that the women’s Open Mat will continue to grow and be able to spread the word of the events so that all the girls who wish to participate can do so.

All are welcome.

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