Bujutsu wins the first ESL Grand Prix in team mode.

On Sunday, April 2, the second part of the Elite Submission League (ESL) tournament was held in Guadalajara, Mexico. For the first time in a Jiujitsu tournament, a team mode was set up in which academies such as Brasa, Bujutsu, Alliance, Ellite, Renato Tavares, among others participated.

These teams were formed by one participant for each belt, a white belt athlete, blue, purple, brown and black; In the same way the weights of the participants should be different, so that each team would have a participant of different level and weight. ESL also set up a team with winners of the absolute divisions to make things a little more interesting and the winners of the tournament by team would take a prize in cash home. Participants gathered points for their team depending on the modality of their victories, by submission, points or advantages, etc.

bujutsu esl-feel

The winning team was formed by Maria Jose Ledesma of Bujutsu Aguascalientes, Nancy Anguiano of  Bujutsu central in Mexico City, Jose Roura of Bujutsu Puebla, Hector Valdez of Bujutsu Chihuahua (former winner of the Abu Dhabi Trials) and Juan Manuel Phenix of Union Mat Bujutsu also in Mexico City.

The event was broadcasted live on Facebook thanks to Cesar Borrayo of Pasando Guardia and ESL.

Congrats to this team of champs!!! Bujutsu definitely has a lot to celebrate.

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