Héctor Valdez in the Road to Abu Dhabi.

Three Mexican athletes won a golden ticket to Abu Dhabi, to participate in one of the biggest tournaments in the world, from the North American selection tournament 3 Mexican jujiteiros were winners of their categories and got to represent us worldwide, this gives us an incredible pride .

They already packed their bags and took their flights.
The purple belt  Héctor Valdés from Bujutsu Chihuahua, Martin González from Entram Tijuana a young blue belt and Eduardo Nava another blue belt from the academy of Renato Tavares.
We had the opportunity to speak with Héctor Valdés so that we could talk a little about how he prepared for his trip.


1.- What was your strategy to win the selection that would take you to Abu Dhabi?
I Actually tried to make a game plan, that would not exhaust myself for the final of the absolute, I wanted to be careful not to accelerate and be more patient to seek submissions.

2.- How are you preparing now for the second part of the tournament?
I always train as if I would to compete, only now I do more sparring rounds, I fight more intensely, and I do specific fighting exercises for the traveling. My trainings are: A conditioning session (weights), a Jiujitsu session in the morning and a Jiujitsu session in the afternoon. Resting Saturdays only.

3.- What is your favorite strategy and game?
My strategy depends very much on my opponent and how the fight unfolds; I like to both guard and pass but what I do most is guard (De La Riva, Worm guard, Spider, One single leg, X guard).

4.- What are you doing differently to prepare for a tournament as big as this?
The truth, what I work hardest to prepare for this tournament is my mindset, psychology with myself and work my safety.

5.- What changes in your diet have you made to prepare yourself?
I eat a lot  lol, many carbs, protein, fruits and vegetables; As the tournament approaches, I eat less carbohydrates to be in the weight.


6.- We know that Jiujitsu is a mental game too, what are you doing to prepare that phase of your training?
I work on that in the moment of struggling to do things with confidence, be more confident in what I do and not hesitate so much, as well as mentalizing myself at the time of struggle.

7.- What do you consider is the mentality of a champion to reach goals like this?
Discipline is the mother of all values, and values are what lead you to do things, if you want to achieve something you do it with discipline and with the heart, you pursue it until you get it.

8.- What advice can you give our athlete readers who admire you and hope to have a path like yours?
Personally I admire all the people who have the courage to do things, they are an inspiration both for me and for others, the advice I can give you is to always give the best of themselves and work very hard .

9.- On a journey so important and long, what are the essential objects that we will find in your suitcase?
A pair of kimonos (obviously), my belt, tape for the fingers hahaha, my “lucky” underpants, comfortable clothes, personal hygiene products (very important) and something to read or my ipad to Stay relaxed and clear up my mind a bit. The truth is I always travel very basic, T don like to struggle.

10.- Finally tell us a little of your path in Jiujitsu and how did you get to where you are today?
Look, I met Jiu Jitsu at age 16 thanks to MMA, since I started doing a Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) a session a day, grappling in this case, until about a year and a half I started doing BJJ with a kimono And from there to a session of MMA and one of BJJ, as time went by I was putting aside the MMA as the JiuJitsu caught my attention and ended up dedicating all my hours of training because I wanted to evolve more and more in it. It has been a long but very good and rewarding way, I try to compete more and more, to teach and to always learn.

We wish luck to Hector in his battle and we know that all tough he is halfway to the gold, is already a champion.

hector valdez

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