A meaning

Every belt has its purpouse, it teaches us something.
To me my white belt taught me an important lesson, to never give up; no matter how difficult or long the road is, you can never give up, it also taught me the love for the sport, that everybody has its own path to follow, so dont look to the sides, focus on whats in front of you.

This is a very important lesson, you need to feel that the belt means nothing to you and to focuss on improving only, otherwise youll go crazy.
Now that I know that I would still do this even if I where an eternal white belt comes lesson 2…

Believe in myself, I think thats going to be a little harder than the first lesson, recently a purple belt told me “I know you can roll harder, but you need to trust your jiujitsu”.
She was right, I often don’t. What’s next now is to throw my self into all the tournaments I can, loose that fear of not living up to the belt and actualy do it. I also need to do some weight lifting… I’ve been putting it off as much as I can, its not realy my thing. But I’m gonna need it more than ever now.

In time you will understand the purpouse of your belt, in the mean while, honor your academy and respect those who show you the way, they’ve been here longer than you have, they understand everybodys path.

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