Why Women’s BJJ classes are important.

Ever since a couple of months back, we have women’s only classes at Bujutsu, every friday at 6:45 pm all the Bjj Girls get together for a women’s only class, for girls by girls.

This started as a class clearly focused on us, since most of the girls at the gym compete, but when we started actually having the class we realized that it was about a lot more than just wrestling between girls, we got a huge positive result.

It made us stronger as a team, this has helped us bond in an unimaginable way. The rule is a class for girls by girls, but afterwards this has given us the communication and friendship bond to go out as a group after the class, create chat groups, organize girls night out, and do other outside of the gym activities within the same group of girls. This not only is healthy for the girls side, but for the academie in general.

It’s not all just bonding, fun and games; it also makes the competition scenario more real, since you wrestle only with girls, like you would in a real tournament, things get pretty intense. Which is also fun, now and then we will make mini tournaments and wrestle our hearts out.

This has also given me the opportunity to be a regular teacher for the class being one of the most advanced girls in the group, all I can say is that I LOVE giving the girls class and look forward to growing more in the ¨Teacher¨aspect of the sport, this also comes with more pressure and a bigger responsibility with the academie, but I love it. I feel the need to train harder since people are now looking up to me, be a support system to younger belts and over all step up my game.

I would say that if your academie doesn’t have all girl classes this would be a great thing to add, this isn’t about separating them from the group or giving the girls any kind of special treatment, its about empowering them to thrive in the sport, owning it and making them realize that it’s no longer a couple of girls in a ¨man’s world¨, the sport is ours too!!

And it’s about time we take charge!!

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