Cancun and Campeche seminar weekend.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit Cancun and Campeche for a BJJ seminar.

Several times a year, our academie´s black belts schedule visits to the many Bujutsu locations across the country, they have seminars where they share their technique, roll with as many students as they can and twice a year they promote who ever has earned stripes or belts. Unlike other academies that work as an individual school with their head coach, Bujutsu is like a chain, we have our world known Black Belts, who work alongside with the different head coaches at each academie, sort of like a line of war, so with a lot of communication and teamwork we all get to grow together and actually form a team.

Our two black belts Fabián Sánchez and Christian del mal, along with purple belt Nancy Anguiano set out to Cancun, where I had the chance to tag along, film some technique and take the seminars. It’s awesome to have those types of experiences, I´ll be honest, they are rough because of the travel, different altitud, weather, energy level and well everyone wants to roll with the new people. But I think it helps you get to know the team better, make new friends, and push yourself harder in training.

Cancun is beautiful, the beach is amazing, the food is great and our team there is pretty tough, day 1 was Nogi, and it went pretty smoothly, mostly because we started training pretty late like 8 pm. But day 2 was intense, we saw more technique and rolled in Gi from 10 am to around 1pm, so it was a lot hotter. I literally felt a little dizzy at one point but I decided to mindfully keep going, just to push myself a little harder.

The people at our Cancun´s academie are great, they often come over to mexico city to visit or for tournaments so we are pretty in touch with them, so it was fun to spend a little more down time with them, get to know them more and have some meals and drinks together.

After day 2 at Cancun we got on the road to Campeche (which was a horrible 5 hour drive….) but I was stunned, its a beautiful super charming small town. Its colorful, the food is great, and you could just walk around forever on its streets. It also has its fare share of historic landmarks, like a fort, a great wall to protect the city from pirates and a lot of history. Definitely a great place for a weekend getaway. There we visited Bujutsu Campeche, its relatively one of our youngest schools, still we were received with arms wide open and some great energy.

We practiced mostly nogi techniques and had the graduation ceremony, it’s a small but energetic academy, graduations are tough, but I love our gym´s traditions, we roll hard and for those who will change belt there’s an extra push and tests. Although I didn’t get to give any technique or kids class this time I still enjoyed the trip and I think it was harder than the previous seminar at Ojinaga.

If you ever get the chance to travel definitely visit other gyms, it’s always a great experience.

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