Promahos Open Mat.

It’s been a long while, but seems like we are back on the road to open mats.

I´ve been filling in for the teacher giving the women’s classes on friday, and the girls thought it be fun to do open mats again, so this past friday we visited Promahos, the home academie for the first and only female black belt in Mexico, Itzel Bazúa.

Its always refreshing to visit other academies, we hadn’t visited them since Itzel was still a brown belt, it’s an honor to go visit her again as a black belt, pay our respects, and roll with her. I’ve rolled with her before and still she moves with grace, fierceness and knowledge. Strength is not needed in her technique, yet she has it.

Truly she is an inspiration as a pioneer in women’s BJJ in mexico, surely it motivates us to hang in there for the long run. As time goes by I think we pressure ourselves even more, she is an example of patience and perseverance.

Recently a couple of the girls and myself had injuries, we all know that’s a come and go in the sport, but nethertheless we get bummed from time to time, or if we are out for a month we feel that it’s kinda like starting over from the beginning, but while talking we realized, you can’t compare to others and we don’t know who will really make it in the long run, maybe someone that beats us all today won’t be here in a month, our aim shouldn’t be to comprare or kill ourselves to be perfect, rather to enjoy what we do and be here still in 10 years. We all have different jobs, work hours, time to put in the mat, responsibilities, etc. we just have to make it work.

Cause if we think about the long run (10 years) what is a month off due to injury?

We get pretty competitive from time to time and since we compete, we all wanna be the best, that doesn’t hurt our friendship whatsoever, but coming back from injuries is always hard, physically and mentally. But visiting Promahos reminded us to keep our focus, because we all wanna be world champions, but most importantly… I just wanna be doing what I love for the next 10 years.

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