So Fridays are getting a little spicier…

I´ve been filling in giving the women’s class on friyay´s (LOL), So now and then we do a little tournament I like to call QOTM (Queen of the mat), the pun comes


from an actual tournament called King of the mat which I wrote about previously in the blog, but after loving my idea they are also doing an official Queen of the mat, Can you believe it?

They’re actually doing the same KOTM tournament only all girls in July i think, anyway, It’s been super fun to have these mini tournaments between us girls, it gets the competition going, we wrestle not holding back what so ever!!! and wimg_20180617_140034_9667339863129091328745.jpge get everyone super in to it!! Last time all the guys sat to watch us wrestle and coach us from the sidelines, like an actual tournament, we had a referee, score board, the works. Sometimes there’s a prize, last time it was a crown of course and a box of candy, it was fun because we all got super intense about winning the prize.

these type of activities are really pulling us together as the women’s team, the energy between us has been super chill and fun for quite some time now and it seems like its only getting

received_17774787389733213674033329512094470.jpegbetter. We´ve also had several girls from other academies join in on the fun and it’s always great to hear comments like the fact that our group energy is awesome, or that they enjoy visiting us.

I think it’s all thanks to the girls, everybody pitches in on making people feel at home, and we just enjoy what we do, so that is reflecting a lot among academies. I also encourage you guys to do the same, all through the sport has grown a lot for women, we still have a long way to go, so don’t fuss or fight among you!! Embrace your femininity in the sport and what


we all bring to it as individuals and help your sisters out!! We will get a lot further a lot faster if we help each other


rather than step on one another. Often (and I say it because I´ve seen it) women get too competitive among each other in their academies and don’t let other girls in, we all belong to the sport and deserve to be here. you will change the whole dynamic of your team and believe me it’s amazing to grow together. I know I´ve been enjoying it a lot.

We also went together to nationals, we did great!! And the next day several of my girls got promoted to blue belts, I felt so emotional (don’t laugh), but I felt like I was getting my blue belt all over again, I see them grow and give it their all and it payed off, they deserve every bit of it. I got another stripe and third place at nationals, Gi and Nogi.

This time around it felt different, I felt more confident, secura about what I was doing and I think my teachers saw that as well, I do need to be stronger at 53 kg I’m not the strongest in the group, and that day I had to cut weight to 51.5, it was tough, but I made it.

img_20180608_222450_141687136657076589944.jpgRight now my coaches are all teaming up to bust my balls and get more strength into my training and I appreciate it a lot, that only tells me one thing, that they care, believe in me and want to see me succeed.


And I know I will, I´m getting there.



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