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Hand wraps.

I've used a lot of brands over time, it's something so simple and most times we don't pay attention to it,  but it can make a great difference in comfort while you train. C'mon fighters we need to pay more attention to details like these, hand wraps protect our most important asset, our hands! I'm… Continue reading Hand wraps.

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Fairtex gloves Review.

Hey guys, today I wanted to talk to you about my big girl gloves. These puppies are amazing, it is the first time I could say I invested a little more in my gear and went with fairtex. I got these in Thailand, when I traveled to practice muay thai there for two months I… Continue reading Fairtex gloves Review.

Product Review

MiO Review

Hey guys!!! I wanted to tell you about a new product I've been loving, some friends on the mat have been asking about it MIO Fit, it's this magical concentrated fluid that you squeeze into your water bottle and it boost's it up with electrolytes and vitamins to keep you going during your workout. I'm… Continue reading MiO Review