Smoothie of the week.

Aaaaah November... that time of the year when long sleeve rashguards come out of the bottom of your closet, hoodies and hot cocoa... I think as this as pumpkin month, pumpkin latte's, scented candles so why not pumpkin smoothie!! I need to switch it up constantly if not I get bored of the usual flavors… Continue reading Smoothie of the week.

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Morning Push?

I'm a big morning drink person I NEED my coffee, tea or other to function, and it's not even the caffeine need its more of a comfort drink, I regularly do green tea that's my signature drink, tea with a little milk, juice or flavored tea sweetened with natural honey, this also helps me with some… Continue reading Morning Push?


Light Cilantro Spaghetti

Hey guys!!! I'm not gonna lie to you I eat pasta like 3 times a year, it's not because im so good staying away from carbs, I'll eat it but I rarely cook it proactively. Unless I get the urge for my special cilantro-jalapeño pasta!!! I love it!!! and if you havent figured it out… Continue reading Light Cilantro Spaghetti


Veggie tots

Ok guys!! I'm a big tater tots and fries fan, biiiig fan, however I´ve cut down on those delicious goods for only special occasion. so when I want something awesome, I´ve discovered these recipes for veggie tots, I love these bloggers they are culinary geniuses and they have helped me change my diet so easily.… Continue reading Veggie tots


greek salad with lemon and oregano By

Ok my fellow fighters, this weekend I fell off the wagon, it was my birthday weekend last week, and I went camping so you can imagine, smores, hot dogs, the usual, plus a lot of wine... So this week I’m shamelessly making up for it, it’s annoying and difficult to go back to your routine after enjoying… Continue reading greek salad with lemon and oregano By