Promahos Open Mat.

It's been a long while, but seems like we are back on the road to open mats. I´ve been filling in for the teacher giving the women's classes on friday, and the girls thought it be fun to do open mats again, so this past friday we visited Promahos, the home academie for the first… Continue reading Promahos Open Mat.

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Hey Guys!!! Lately its been more about my on the go social media and Ive been MIA from the written part of my blogging, for that guys I do apologize. Ive been focusing on No Gi trainning a little more and getting my sh$*t back together from the holidays, LOL. You can also find me… Continue reading Update


First ever women’s open mat at Bujutsu

Sometimes we need a little help, that's why we are surrounded by great partners at bujutsu, who are always thinking about what we could do to promote women's bjj, even if they are not women themselves.  I don't know how they do it,  but the guy's came up with the idea of having an open… Continue reading First ever women’s open mat at Bujutsu


Visiting bonebreakers headquarters.

​As I walk in to the gym for the first time I smell tones of sweat, pride and history. We've all heard the stories that roam these hall's, there's a lot of rivality among gyms in Mexico City, maybe even more than any other of the places I've visited to train. Pride catches my eye… Continue reading Visiting bonebreakers headquarters.


Heel hooks

​DF is heelhook central, and this is the heelhook raging King. Why? Not only because he can literally find your heels from any imaginable position in the less possible time; But because on his last tournament, as soon as the fight began the crowd started yelling heelhooks! Heelhooks!! Heelhooks!!! And in seconds he had defeated… Continue reading Heel hooks