Promahos Open Mat.

It's been a long while, but seems like we are back on the road to open mats. I´ve been filling in for the teacher giving the women's classes on friday, and the girls thought it be fun to do open mats again, so this past friday we visited Promahos, the home academie for the first… Continue reading Promahos Open Mat.


The Gracie diet.

I've been working on cleaning up my diet a little more, I had what I considered to be bad habits such as morning coffee with creamers and syrup ( And a cookie or two... or three), So it doesn't make me happy but I have been switching them for healthier options now that I'm putting… Continue reading The Gracie diet.


MMA Smoothies Lab

Hey Guys! Smoothies have become a big part of my diet now, I'm on a coffee detox streak to eliminate my morning coffee and cookies (horrible, horrible habits...), so out with the sweets and in with the real fruits and veggies!! I'm not gonna lie, its been hard, specially those first couple of days when… Continue reading MMA Smoothies Lab