Holiday Smoothies.

Ah.... the Holidays, Christmas time is my favorite time of year and all tough I struggle not to gain weight (much, LOL) with all the yummy food, there's always some flavors you can get for a little fewer calories. We are big smoothie's people here at mymmmalife, so here's some of my favorite Xmas time… Continue reading Holiday Smoothies.


Light Cilantro Spaghetti

Hey guys!!! I'm not gonna lie to you I eat pasta like 3 times a year, it's not because im so good staying away from carbs, I'll eat it but I rarely cook it proactively. Unless I get the urge for my special cilantro-jalapeño pasta!!! I love it!!! and if you havent figured it out… Continue reading Light Cilantro Spaghetti


My Berimbolo nightmare…

hey guys!!! this has been a great week of training, im not gonna lie to you, it's very cold down here in TJ and it's getting harder and harder to go to the gym jajajajaj.... right now im doing monday-wedenesday-friday training sessions, im in between getting a new car so I take a cab home… Continue reading My Berimbolo nightmare…