Holiday Smoothies.

Ah.... the Holidays, Christmas time is my favorite time of year and all tough I struggle not to gain weight (much, LOL) with all the yummy food, there's always some flavors you can get for a little fewer calories. We are big smoothie's people here at mymmmalife, so here's some of my favorite Xmas time… Continue reading Holiday Smoothies.

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Morning Push?

I'm a big morning drink person I NEED my coffee, tea or other to function, and it's not even the caffeine need its more of a comfort drink, I regularly do green tea that's my signature drink, tea with a little¬†milk, juice or flavored tea sweetened with natural honey, this also helps me with some… Continue reading Morning Push?

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The Thailand diet

Before I came to Thailand I never ate Thai food before, and now that I think about it, it probably wouldn't taste the same as well. Food in Thailand is very fresh, everything is made with local fresh ingredients, not a single vegetable comes out of a freezer, meat is fresh as well, although most… Continue reading The Thailand diet