1st. Chowie Inviteishonal

Last Sunday, January 8, the first Chowie Inviteishonal was held at the Polideportivo of the ecological park in Puebla. An event made to remind the Mexican Jiujitsu athletes that we all compete under the same flag. Over the years, the tournaments and competitions have formed conflicts between the  Mexican academies, which has been transmitted to… Continue reading 1st. Chowie Inviteishonal


NextGen Max Guard by SISU Review

Technology surprises me some times, how in such small details, these gadgets can enhance your performance as an athlete; And SISU mouth guards just blew my mind. Once I received my package in the mail I was confused at first, how could a mouth guard be so thin?! They also come in a flat boomerang… Continue reading NextGen Max Guard by SISU Review


Action Zone, Bangkok

You do your research, read online, search the blogs, but once you're there... It's priceless... Action zone is one of those places to me, as simple as it may sound. When I decided to fly to Thailand to train Muay Thai, I decided I needed new gear, and I read a lot, A LOT. Many… Continue reading Action Zone, Bangkok