A dream and a GI.

Our Gym has become a gate way for Mexican fighters, we've been getting a lot of young guys from across the country to come train with us and start following their dreams. I see a lot of new faces lately some come and go, others prepare for moths for fights but yesterday a new guy arrived and… Continue reading A dream and a GI.


That awkward moment…

I've had a lot of awkward moments in my time training MMA so far, but as a girls we have a couple of off mat days, and by that I mean most girls, I don't know how most of the pros handle it, but most girls during that time of the month will focus more… Continue reading That awkward moment…


Self defense and mma

I never really took MMA as a self-defense outlet; you see I grew up with two brothers so I always knew how to throw a punch. However, I see so many women who live worried about not being able to defend themselves or been attacked my larger opponents in real life. Recently one of my… Continue reading Self defense and mma