Renzo Gracie VS. Bujutsu, Mexico City

I've visited a couple of local gym's, took their free clases and its down to the final two, Gracie vs. Bujutsu, the top 2 best in town, Batman vs. Superman!! how will you know which are the best schools? just ask the fighters and pay them a visit!! Bujutsu. Several rolling partners from my gym directed… Continue reading Renzo Gracie VS. Bujutsu, Mexico City


Stuck in the middle…

Lately I've been torn trying to choose between my Gi and my boxing gloves... I don't have the time a day to train it all, I wanna learn it al, do it all, but I balance it all around my work schedule. I was going back and forth as well with going back to my… Continue reading Stuck in the middle…