Jiu jitsu and how it changes a woman’s body.

If you've been training jujitsu for a while you've seen your body change during the process, like any sport it will change your body depending on what type of physical activity you do and what muscles are used the most. The intensity and how many times a week will also play a part in changing… Continue reading Jiu jitsu and how it changes a woman’s body.


MMA Smoothies Lab

Hey Guys! Smoothies have become a big part of my diet now, I'm on a coffee detox streak to eliminate my morning coffee and cookies (horrible, horrible habits...), so out with the sweets and in with the real fruits and veggies!! I'm not gonna lie, its been hard, specially those first couple of days when… Continue reading MMA Smoothies Lab

Health and Nutrition

Need a Boost?

Now and then I get tired after work, and that small walk between the office and the gym turns into a nightmare, that post office-preworkout time becomes a life and death decision, I'm tired... I don't have the energy... maybe I should go home and rest, So what do you do??? I'm not gonna lie… Continue reading Need a Boost?