So Fridays are getting a little spicier... I´ve been filling in giving the women's class on friyay´s (LOL), So now and then we do a little tournament I like to call QOTM (Queen of the mat), the pun comes from an actual tournament called King of the mat which I wrote about previously in the blog, but… Continue reading QOTM


The Chowie Inviteishonal returns .

The second edition of the Chowie Inviteishonal returns in May 27th, the largest open mat so far, this time in Mexico City; The event that gathered more than 280 Jiujitsu practitioners last January in the city of Puebla for a single cause, enjoying the sport without any profit, hopes this time to gather at least… Continue reading The Chowie Inviteishonal returns .


10 Things your spouse doesn’t understand about BJJ

If your significant other doesnt practice BJJ, believe me you'll find yourself explaining a lot of terms and why you do it. Most of the times your significant other has a WTF face on when you explain how was your training, If your truly lucky they'l proactively ask all tough its not always as easy to… Continue reading 10 Things your spouse doesn’t understand about BJJ