Family matters

I've had a lot on my mind lately, I finally went back to work, I'm ordering my goals again and thinking about how to get everything done, I have a lot of projects in hand and I really need to manage my time better, but over everything I want to compete in June for the… Continue reading Family matters


MMA vs. Career day.

MMA vs. a career is something I've always have to dwell on since I started training, I'm not as good that I can dedicate my life to this (and I love the extra cash for the fancy equipment, I wont lie), but I always find myself looking for a job where I can work around… Continue reading MMA vs. Career day.


The Doucey Blue belt returns.

There where several interesting moments this past weeks on our training, Entram was, well left un supervised, LOL. Sensei has just come back from several UFC events, as I mentioned in an earlier post, a lot of guys from my Gym had big fights and of course Raul was there with them every step of the… Continue reading The Doucey Blue belt returns.