Cancun and Campeche seminar weekend.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit Cancun and Campeche for a BJJ seminar. Several times a year, our academie´s black belts schedule visits to the many Bujutsu locations across the country, they have seminars where they share their technique, roll with as many students as they can and twice a year they… Continue reading Cancun and Campeche seminar weekend.


Shevchenko defeats Peña with an arm bar

Last Saturday we witnessed a spectacular fight between Shevchenko and Peña. But waiting for two strikers to get knocked out we received an incredible surprise: Shevchenko submits Peña with a beautiful arm bar transition from the guard.   This demonstrates the quality of athlete in which Shevchenko has become, you know what they say, "you have… Continue reading Shevchenko defeats Peña with an arm bar


4 yoga poses to help you escape that armbar.

Once upon a time, long before I did mma, I practiced yoga, for many years, not the crazy advance stand on one arm stuff. Now it helps me endure and gain flexibility during my trainings, in mma knowing how to breathe in difficult positions and having more flexibility than others is a bit of an advantage.… Continue reading 4 yoga poses to help you escape that armbar.