Methee, A look in the life of a Muay Thai fighter.

One of my most fond memories I have of living in Thailand is its people, after 3 years of being in such a passionate sport you live around many fighters, each of them with amazing story's to tell, most of them will never be heard untill they do "make it", but if life has tought us… Continue reading Methee, A look in the life of a Muay Thai fighter.


Traning in Thailand? Why I chose K.C. Muai Thai

Theres a lot that goes in to finding the right place for you to train Muai Thai in Thailand, there's a lot of great gyms where you could take a couple of classes if your only passing by, but for those who plan on investing a couple of months for their training, you really need… Continue reading Traning in Thailand? Why I chose K.C. Muai Thai


Muay Thai tips for Newbies.

Are you a newbie? Are you nervous? Dont worry its all part of the experience, remember your first day of class when you where afraid of doing something stupid? Or not knowing who your class mates would be or if they would like you or not? As the Thai would say: same same, but different. It's… Continue reading Muay Thai tips for Newbies.


My mma New years resolutions…

As the year comes to an end I reflect on what I expect from this coming year, what I'm willing to give for my training and how my MMA future looks like, at 28 I feel its now or never, but before I can think about the future I can only say It was a… Continue reading My mma New years resolutions…

MMA videos

KC Muay Thai

Hey guys!! here's this video from fight vision, this is KC it was my home gym for two months while living in Thailand, they where my family there, they took us into their gym, we trained together, ate together, and enjoyed those months together.