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Arthur’s fight.

Arthur, 27 years old as us came to Thailand to train muay thai, he had practiced it for a year back home in Queens, NY. But still he always said that trainning here is nothing like trainning back home. We all train harder here, not because we slack off back home or anything like that,… Continue reading Arthur’s fight.


Chicks in the mat

Literally!!! So cute... So it's my second week training now and it doesn't seem to get any easyer. My computer broke down so it's crazy hard to whrite from my phone, but none of this is holding me back. I've been so happy at KC Gym, they realy go out of their way to make… Continue reading Chicks in the mat


My first week at KC Muay Thai

This week I started training at KC Muai Thai, I actually did a little better than I expected, don't get me wrong I'm not bragging, I was mostly surprised. Al though I did a lot of walking in Bangkok I haven't really worked out since I left home, which means I haven't really worked out in… Continue reading My first week at KC Muay Thai