Kickboxing chicks.

OMG guys, this was a crazy week at the gym, a lot has been going on. It all started two Sunday's ago, I say my cousin Fernanda (she's 23) at a family reunion and she mentioned she wanted to learn some kickboxing and get a little more in to shape, so she asked me if… Continue reading Kickboxing chicks.


Stuck in the middle…

Lately I've been torn trying to choose between my Gi and my boxing gloves... I don't have the time a day to train it all, I wanna learn it al, do it all, but I balance it all around my work schedule. I was going back and forth as well with going back to my… Continue reading Stuck in the middle…


Rollin’ with the punches

It's officially been over a month in Chakal Gym, I've been working this month a lot more on my boxing and kicks than my floor work, there's a good and a bad side to that. jiu jitsu is the reason why I entered the world of MMA, so every day I don't do it I miss… Continue reading Rollin’ with the punches