Drug test’s in MMA, Here to stay.

Seems logical that as the sport grows it becomes more official, more of a legit thing we could say. official equipment, gloves, rules, uniforms, like in any other sport; This would also take us to talk about drug testing and its sanctions, like any other sport. We have it in soccer, football, tennis, why not… Continue reading Drug test’s in MMA, Here to stay.


MMA to better the world.

Theres a new movement going around and it al started with a couple of fighters... It all starts with a fighter, some where, in any remote place in the world you might want to take a closer look; These fighters particularly from Mexico. One day you wake up and you find your path, probably a martial… Continue reading MMA to better the world.

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Morning Push?

I'm a big morning drink person I NEED my coffee, tea or other to function, and it's not even the caffeine need its more of a comfort drink, I regularly do green tea that's my signature drink, tea with a little milk, juice or flavored tea sweetened with natural honey, this also helps me with some… Continue reading Morning Push?