The real Thai diet.

You train like a real Muay Thai fighter but don't eat like one? A big part of the Thai life is in their food, all natural un-processed, non-frozen and as fresh as it gets makes a real difference in you body, remember that the body doesn't only absorb nutrients, it also absorbs the steroids and… Continue reading The real Thai diet.


MMA Smoothies Lab

Hey Guys! Smoothies have become a big part of my diet now, I'm on a coffee detox streak to eliminate my morning coffee and cookies (horrible, horrible habits...), so out with the sweets and in with the real fruits and veggies!! I'm not gonna lie, its been hard, specially those first couple of days when… Continue reading MMA Smoothies Lab

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The Thailand diet

Before I came to Thailand I never ate Thai food before, and now that I think about it, it probably wouldn't taste the same as well. Food in Thailand is very fresh, everything is made with local fresh ingredients, not a single vegetable comes out of a freezer, meat is fresh as well, although most… Continue reading The Thailand diet