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KC Muay Thai

Hey guys!! here's this video from fight vision, this is KC it was my home gym for two months while living in Thailand, they where my family there, they took us into their gym, we trained together, ate together, and enjoyed those months together.


Action Zone, Bangkok

You do your research, read online, search the blogs, but once you're there... It's priceless... Action zone is one of those places to me, as simple as it may sound. When I decided to fly to Thailand to train Muay Thai, I decided I needed new gear, and I read a lot, A LOT. Many… Continue reading Action Zone, Bangkok


Packing for Thailand, MMA Style!!!

It's just crazy how the planing time passed so quickly, now here I am and I'm traveling  to Thailand!!! I'm really trying to pack lightly, since I know there's a lot of good shopping in Thailand, and since I read so much on the internet, many bloggers say muay thai equipment is cheap in Bangkok,… Continue reading Packing for Thailand, MMA Style!!!