Promahos Open Mat.

It's been a long while, but seems like we are back on the road to open mats. I´ve been filling in for the teacher giving the women's classes on friday, and the girls thought it be fun to do open mats again, so this past friday we visited Promahos, the home academie for the first… Continue reading Promahos Open Mat.

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Hey Guys!!! Lately its been more about my on the go social media and Ive been MIA from the written part of my blogging, for that guys I do apologize. Ive been focusing on No Gi trainning a little more and getting my sh$*t back together from the holidays, LOL. You can also find me… Continue reading Update


Renzo Gracie VS. Bujutsu, Mexico City

I've visited a couple of local gym's, took their free clases and its down to the final two, Gracie vs. Bujutsu, the top 2 best in town, Batman vs. Superman!! how will you know which are the best schools? just ask the fighters and pay them a visit!! Bujutsu. Several rolling partners from my gym directed… Continue reading Renzo Gracie VS. Bujutsu, Mexico City


Womens weight cut manual.

Competition? Getting ready for a competition is always fun, but as girls lets face it, we have bigger problems rather than just weight cuts and perfect triangles, lets put our heads together and solve these problems! But first let's start with the basics. Cutting Weight 101. Lower your carb intake (one week prior to fight)… Continue reading Womens weight cut manual.


We are the voice of MMA

  Have a story you want to share? A secret that needs to see the light of day? MMA is a rough road to follow and we all share mymmalife, we are now ready to help you share your story, tell the world about that hard road to the top, about your achievements and what got you… Continue reading We are the voice of MMA