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Hey Guys!!! Lately its been more about my on the go social media and Ive been MIA from the written part of my blogging, for that guys I do apologize. Ive been focusing on No Gi trainning a little more and getting my sh$*t back together from the holidays, LOL. You can also find me… Continue reading Update


Family matters

I've had a lot on my mind lately, I finally went back to work, I'm ordering my goals again and thinking about how to get everything done, I have a lot of projects in hand and I really need to manage my time better, but over everything I want to compete in June for the… Continue reading Family matters


MMA vs. Career day.

MMA vs. a career is something I've always have to dwell on since I started training, I'm not as good that I can dedicate my life to this (and I love the extra cash for the fancy equipment, I wont lie), but I always find myself looking for a job where I can work around… Continue reading MMA vs. Career day.


Womens weight cut manual.

Competition? Getting ready for a competition is always fun, but as girls lets face it, we have bigger problems rather than just weight cuts and perfect triangles, lets put our heads together and solve these problems! But first let's start with the basics. Cutting Weight 101. Lower your carb intake (one week prior to fight)… Continue reading Womens weight cut manual.


What your wrestling style says about you.

Growing in Jiujitsu centers on a simple concept: learn-drill-roll-repeat. By doing so you acquire certain skills, with time you'll see your body memorizing moves and in a difficult situation doing them as a body reflect, that is a fighter's main goal, that will push you forward as you continue to make a mental and physical… Continue reading What your wrestling style says about you.