So Fridays are getting a little spicier... I´ve been filling in giving the women's class on friyay´s (LOL), So now and then we do a little tournament I like to call QOTM (Queen of the mat), the pun comes from an actual tournament called King of the mat which I wrote about previously in the blog, but… Continue reading QOTM


No-Gi Rehab

Once upon a time,  back in far land called TJ, I used to only train in my Gi, once a week we would train no-Gi, we called them, No-GI Thursdays. Now since I've been in Bujutsu it has helped me polish my game, they do a lot of no Gi here, their game is different… Continue reading No-Gi Rehab


A dream and a GI.

Our Gym has become a gate way for Mexican fighters, we've been getting a lot of young guys from across the country to come train with us and start following their dreams. I see a lot of new faces lately some come and go, others prepare for moths for fights but yesterday a new guy arrived and… Continue reading A dream and a GI.