BujuCamp 2018

Hi Guys, I´m gonna leave here an article I wrote for , It´s about a camp we organized recently and was a mayor success!! You can also find a lot more articles I've written in the sports and wellness section. Un asombrante primer evento en su tipo, en el cual alrededor de más de… Continue reading BujuCamp 2018


1st. Chowie Inviteishonal

Last Sunday, January 8, the first Chowie Inviteishonal was held at the Polideportivo of the ecological park in Puebla. An event made to remind the Mexican Jiujitsu athletes that we all compete under the same flag. Over the years, the tournaments and competitions have formed conflicts between the  Mexican academies, which has been transmitted to… Continue reading 1st. Chowie Inviteishonal


First ever women’s open mat at Bujutsu

Sometimes we need a little help, that's why we are surrounded by great partners at bujutsu, who are always thinking about what we could do to promote women's bjj, even if they are not women themselves.  I don't know how they do it,  but the guy's came up with the idea of having an open… Continue reading First ever women’s open mat at Bujutsu