The Armbar. (MMA self defense series part 2)

Aaaaah the armbar (juji-gatame)... Made famous into pop culture trough gorgeous UFC fighter Ronda Rousey; Its efficient, elegant and accurate. Done right it will help you hurt your attacker by overextending the arm or even break one with minimum effort. I'm sorry to say that I've been postponing this post because I really didn't have time… Continue reading The Armbar. (MMA self defense series part 2)


Fear of branching out.

My friend Masio Fullen (#TUF participant) once told me that leaving the nest shouldn't be high treason, it helps us as fighters to grow and learn new techniques in new places with new people (the nest being your home gym of course), helps us get out of our comfort zone and tests our actual skill… Continue reading Fear of branching out.